Competition at Cal U on Sunday, March 1st

Sponsored by Aloha Spirit

1.  Address: California University Convocation Center, 250 University Ave.   California , Pennsylvania 15419

2.  Admission: $12 per person

3.  Parking:  Vulcan Parking Garage – It is a few blocks away so make sure you give yourself enough time to park and walk.

4.  Since this competition is smaller than anticipated, please be there to cheer on each Ace team!  The below report times are not the times you should show up, but the time you meet your team mom. ( She will text you to tell you where you will meet. )

5.  We really need to show that loud and proud Ace spirit!!!  Wear your Ace wear!!!

Report and Performance Times

Mini 1: Report at 8:55 AM, Perform at 9:55 AM

Senior 5: Report at 9:30 Perform at 10:55

Mini 2:  Report at 9:30, Perform at 11:00

Junior 2: Report at 9:40, Perform at 11:30

Junior 3:  Report at 11:10, Perform at 12:45

Senior 4: Report at noon, Perform at 1:25

Hearts: Report at 1:00, Perform at 1:55

Awards are scheduled for 2:10 PM

To Print a Schedule, Click Here

Let’s Go ACES!!!

It is time to finalize your plans for Kalahari and Indianapolis.  Hopefully the following information will assist you in this endeavor.  Please contact your team mom with any questions, if they can they will help you if not they will direct to the person that can.

Kalahari –  the rough schedule says that  on Saturday

Level 1:  8-11

Level2: 12-2

Levels 3-5: 3-5

*Your are not required to stay at the Kalahari resorts, that is a family choice.  If you are staying off property you can still purchase Day passes for the water park the price depends on the day.  Also you can book a room for one night just not at the MDC rates.   For more information on either of those please check the Kalahari website.

Indianapolis: The US Finals has released their general schedule.  All Level 2-5 will perform on Sunday.  We will be reviewing the amount due per child and we will get that information out as soon as possible.  (All teams have qualified, but the amount due depends on our past and future placings at the qualifiers.)  Please review the email sent with the competition schedule regarding the details.  They said they should be starting with level 2 and ending with 5.  We wanted to inform you all now that you may want to change your hotel reservations to Saturday night and possibly Sunday night if you are on higher level team.  They said that they will make the final schedule early enough so that we can cancel rooms for Sunday night if we need to.  You are not required to stay at the Embassy suites we just reserved a block at that hotel because the rooms sleep 8.

****  Everyone is going to Kalahari.  ***

The following is for levels 2-5 (sent in the email with the schedule):

The following was stated in the Aces’ Handbook: Our schedule will have 6-7 local competitions (Local competitions are within 1.5 hour drive.), and one national competition within driving distance this year. Competitions run from November through March/April. If any of our teams qualify for U.S. Finals with a partially paid or full paid bid, we will consider taking those teams to the U.S. Finals. The competition would be within driving distance, and this would be in addition to our national competition.

U.S. Finals is an end of the year event aimed at giving teams a chance to see where they rank against other teams in their respective divisions from coast to coast. There are seven different U.S. Final events across the country. They do rank the teams at each event and award places. Then, after all events have taken place, they post overall rankings online.

We are trying to get a bid to Indianapolis because it is within driving distance. U.S. Finals is organized by Jamfest and other large independent companies. The competition is at the Convention Center in Indianapolis.

Upon further investigation of the U.S. Finals, I have learned that you can receive different levels of bids at qualifying events. Some events give out one free “paid bid”. You may also receive a bid if you place first, second or third. Then, your registration would depend on how you placed. ($59 for first, $79 for second, and $89 for third) If we receive an “open bid” (for any places 4th and up) , the cost is $119 per athlete. There is a $100 processing fee per team, so we would need to divide that among the members of the team in addition. Honestly, these prices are all reasonable for such a large, two day competition. (This does not include hotel. This is just the registration fee for each participant.)

In the handbook it also states that the only other additional fees would be your nationals’ registration and U.S. Finals (should your child’s team get a bid). At this time, the nationals’ registration fee for Kalahari registration is covered in your competition fee. (This does not include lodging should you decide to stay because it is only a one day event.)

Since we will not know for sure about the bids, we suggest that you reserve the hotel room in Indianapolis. You can cancel if your child’s team does not receive a bid. (Don’t forget to cancel!) We will look to see the group rates they offer through the event.

Due to this information, and the information about the bids, I want all level 2 through 5 teams to try to get that bid to U.S. Finals. If not, then the final competition for that team would be Kalahari! (Still a good way to end the season!)

Please note: Tuition payments will still need to be paid up until the event. You may use money in your ACB account to help with these costs.

Rooming Information – Kalahari

Call Reservations – 1877-525-2427  ask for MCD Open Nationals Block

- You do not need to stay at Kalahari in order to compete.  It is recommended because the competition is held right at the convention/hotel.  If you choose to stay at Kalahari we have a block of rooms most rooms are for 4 people  and include water park passes.  There are some rooms that can sleep more but there is an additional charge.  Please direct all of those questions directly to the Kalahari Resorts when you make your reservation.  To get the discounted room price you must book by Feb. 18,2015.   After that day or if the block is sold out before that Kalahari reserves the right not to offer any more rooms at the discounted rate.

Indianapolis – Info to come.

The U.S. Finals Indianapolis 2015

Booking Link:

Team Access Code: TUFAAS488

Deadline to Book: December 1ST, 2014

Details: Arcadia Aces have 70 double rooms blocked at the Embassy Suites Indianapolis Downtown Hotel.

We will also have a Special Needs Team!

Special Needs “Hearts” NEW SEASON!
All ages and abilities are welcome!  We will work on cheerleading skills,  balance and physical fitness!  If you are interested, please e-mail Shelly at  We look forward to seeing you all then!  GO ACES!