Arcadia Aces Day at PNC Park with the Pittsburgh Pirates!

Sunday, September 14th, 2014


The Chicago Cubs

Game Time 1:35 PM

Come out and enjoy a day at the ball park in support of our

Arcadia Aces Competitive Cheer Program!

$5 of every ticket you sell will go into your cheerleader’s ACB account!

Choose from the following seating options…

Grand Stand Seating: Ticket Price $25/ticket


The All You Can Eat Seating: Ticket Price $45/ticket

To order, please contact your team mom ASAP, with the number of tickets you need from each section.

Ex: 2 tickets in the All You Can Eat Seats and/or 2 tickets in the Grand Stand Seats

Money MUST be turned in NO LATER then Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

to your team mom.

The team mom will be turning all orders along with the payments in to

Heather Yates no later then Thursday, August 14th, 2014.

** There will be no exceptions due to the deadline set by The Pittsburgh Pirates organization.

We have 50 seats reserved in the AYCE section & 30 seats reserved in the Grand Stand section.

Please place your orders ASAP so we know if we need to reserve additional seating so as many people can attend in support of our Aces!

If you have any questions, please contact Heather Yates at 724-494-5676.

  • WOW!!! Our teams did SO well at camps last week!!!  We are so excited to continue to work on the routines!   Some teams have additional practices in the month of August, so please take a careful look at the schedule.
  • Reminder to wear uniforms this week for Shelly to see.  Also, fittings are the 7th at Tumbleweeds (time TBA – will be in evening). If you will be on vacation and will be unable to make it, please inform your team mom and or Tammy!
  • Pepperoni Roll forms are available at both gyms!
  • If there is not a winner from the lottery number of the raffle tickets, we will pick one from a hat.
  • If you would like to donate something to the basket raffles for Cheerpalooza, or you know someone who is willing to donate, please give those items to Shelly at practices.  (We will put the baskets together later.) We appreciate it!!! (Cheerpalooza is September 7th! Required performances by Senior 4 and Senior 5!)
  • The fall tumbling class schedule has been made.  If you would like to register for an additional tumbling class, do it soon before they are filled!  Aces receive a $10 discount.
  • Schedule for August 3rd-22nd for each team is listed below.  The week of August 24th begins the fall session (also listed below).  Where has the summer gone???

*This week (week of July 28th-August 2nd) will be a regular summer schedule week for each team.  (There will be conditioning, open gym, and flyer/flexibility class as usual!  PLEASE take advantage of these classes!)

PRACTICE TIMES for August 3rd-23rd (Please note:  There are no tumbling classes the week of the 17th because the gym coaches are on vacation.  We will still keep regular times for all teams except Senior 4 and Senior 5 that week. Also, there will be no conditioning on the 19th.)

Hearts – regular Thursday time (4-4:45)

Diamonds – regular Wednesday time

Pee Wees – regular Wednesday time (optional Thursday tumbling)

Mini 1 – regular Monday and Thursday with the following addition.

1. Wednesday, August 13th – 6:30-8:30 at Arcadia

Mini 2 – regular Monday and Thursday times with the following additions.

  • Monday the 11th – Start at 4
  • Friday, August 15th – Stunt Clinic at Tumbleweeds (Wear Ace outfit) 10-12:30

Junior 2 – regular Monday and Thursday times with the following additions.

  • Friday, August 15th – stunt clinic at Tumbleweeds (Wear Ace outfit) 9-11:30
  • Thursday, August 14th – stay until 7:45

Junior 3-regular Wednesday and Thursday times with the following additions.

  • Wednesday the 6th and 13th – Start at 4

Senior 4-regular Wednesday on 6th and 13th (no class on the 20th), Saturday August 9th -10:45-1, Tuesday, August 12th – 7-9 at Tumbleweeds, Sunday August 17th 4-6:15

Senior 5-regular Wednesday on 6th and 13th (no class on the 20th), Saturday August 9th –8:45-11, Tuesday, August 12th – 5-7 at Tumbleweeds, Sunday, August 17th 6-8:15

Fall Schedule beginning the week of August 24th

*Will post times for open gym and open conditioning.  Flyer/Flexibility will be 4:15-5 on Thursdays at Tumbleweeds with Tessa.

Hearts – 4:15 Thursdays

Diamonds –  Wednesdays – Time TBA

Pee Wees – Wednesdays- Time TBA

Mini 1, Mini 2, Junior 2 – same times Mondays and Thursdays

Junior 3 – Wednesdays 4:45-6:45 at Arcadia , Thursdays 6:45-8:30 at Tumbleweeds

Senior 4 – Thursdays 6:30-8, Sunday the 24th and 31st – 4-6:15 (Will be Sundays for first two weeks, still waiting for full team vote for remaining season weekend schedule.)

Senior 5 – Mondays 8-8:45 at Tumbleweeds (conditioning/standing tumbling) , Thursdays 8-9 at Arcadia, Sunday the 24th and 31st 6-8 (Will be Sunday for first two weeks, still waiting for full team vote for remaining season weekend schedule.)

If you wish to find sponsors for the Arcadia Aces, print the form below and have the sponsor fill it out.  Turn in the forms, along with payment.  Half of the money you raise will go directly into your child’s account!   DUE DATE – TBA


Right now we are selling Pepperoni Rolls they are from Pizza Joes and they will be $4 each.

Orders due Monday August 18.  Please only bring in one check made out to ACB or cash.  Customers paying by check should write their checks out to you.

Thank you.

Delivered Monday August 25.

**Uniform inspection day will be the week after camp on monday 7/28 for J2/ M2/ M1.   Thursday 7/31 for J3 & Friday 8/1 for Sr4 & 5.

Come dressed in your uniform – Show Shelly then change and get ready for practice.

If you have a uniform or piece of a uniform that you would like to sell please email me ASAP –

Include – Your name  -  desired method of contact – piece to sell and size.

I will put all the names and contact information on one spreadsheet and Lorri will email it to all the Aces.  Then Aces new and old can use the information to contact you directly and you can work out payment/exchanges.

If you have not been getting emails from Lorri than you need to make sure to call the gym and get the information.  Anyone who does not use emails need only stop by the front desk at tumbleweeds and ask for the information.

I will take emails until Saturday Aug 2.  Then I will compile the list and send it to Lorri.   Uniform fittings are Aug 7.  So that gives you the week to get in touch with anyone who might have a uniform to fit you.

UPDATE July 7, 2014

  • We hope everyone had a relaxing fourth!  The kids have been doing a fantastic job so far! We are so excited for camp!
  • There will be two parent meetings.  The same information will be discussed at both, so you only need to attend one if you choose.  We will discuss the handbook.

Thursday , July 10 – 6:30 at Tumbleweeds and  Monday, July 14th – 7:45 at Tumbleweeds

  • Change to schedule: Senior 4 will now be Wednesdays from 12:45-2:30 at Arcadia.
  • We will be posting information about uniform exchanges and ordering asap.  Fittings for new uniforms will be August 7th (for new Aces and those who wish to order a new piece).  Please note:  We will also let you know the procedure for getting rhinestones replaced.
  • The Chippewa parade is July 16th.  If you are in town, we would love for you to join us!  We meet at the front of the Beaver County Airport at 5:15.  You are welcome to bring a bag of candy to throw.  (No chocolate or lollipops, please.)  After you drop your child off at the airport, you can meet them at the firehall next to the Hot Dog Shop afterwards.  We will wait with them until you get there. There is a carnival within walking distance when the parade ends.  We have won first place for the past few years, and we would love to keep the tradition going!  Information on what to wear will be posted soon.
  • We have confirmed the dates with the choreographer, and here is our camp schedule!  Camp is MANDATORY unless you have already given us your vacation dates at tryouts.  Each team will get a schedule with which outfits to wear on which days.

*During camp week, we will still have conditioning on Tuesday and open gym on Monday.  (There will be no flier/flexibility on Thursday.)

*If we do not use all our camp hours during the week, we will use them at another time.

Monday, July 21st

J3 – 9-11:30 at Arcadia

Mini 1 – 11:15-1 at Arcadia

Mini 2 – 4:15-6:15 at Tumbleweeds

Junior 2 – 6-8 at Tumbleweeds

8-8:45 – OPEN GYM at Tumbleweeds

Tuesday, July 22nd

Senior 4 – 9-11 at Arcadia

Senior 5 – 10:45-12:45 at Arcadia

Junior 2 – 1-3:30 at Arcadia

Wednesday, July 23rd

Mini 1 – 9-10:30 at Tumbleweeds

Senior 5 – 11:15-1 at Arcadia

Senior 4 – 12:45-5:15 at Arcadia (You will tumble for the first hour, then you will have a half hour for lunch.  Bring a packed lunch!  Then we will have camp from 2:15-5:15.)

Junior 3 – 5-8 at Arcadia

Thursday, July 24th

Senior 4 – 3:30-6:30 at Arcadia

Senior 5 – 6:15-9 at Arcadia

Mini 1 – 6:30-8:30 at Tumbleweeds

Mini 2 – 4:45-6:45 at Tumbleweeds

Junior 2 – 4:45-6:45 at Tumbleweeds

Junior 3 – 7:30-8:30 at Tumbleweeds (Tumbling only)

Friday, July 25th

Senior 5 – 9-12 at Arcadia

Senior 4 – 12-3:30 at Arcadia

Junior 3 – 3:15-5:15 at Arcadia

Mini 2 – 5-7 at Arcadia

Saturday, July 26th

Senior 5 – 10-2 at Arcadia

Mini 2 – 2:30-5 at Arcadia

Mini 1 – 4:45-6:15 at Arcadia

Sunday, July 27th

Junior 2 – 1-4 at Arcadia

Junior 3 – 3:45-5:45 at Arcadia

Arcadia Main (4:30pm to 8pm) & Tumbleweeds (5:30pm to 7:30pm) will both be open Monday evenings for your tuition payments.

Tuition Due Dates: June 23rd, July 20th, August 24th

(New payment schedule will be given out in July for the rest of the season.)

Monthly fee:
Cheer: Level 3-5      $123 (save $10, pay $113 if paid by bolded date)
Cheer:  Level 2        $113 (save $10, pay $103 if paid by bolded date)
Cheer:  Level 1        $100 (save $10, pay 90 if paid by bolded date)
Cheer: Diamonds  $75 (save $10, pay $65 if paid by bolded date)
Cheer:  PeeWee          $63 (save $10, pay $53 if paid by bolded date)
Cheer:  Hearts  $63 (save $10, pay $53 if paid by bolded date)

  • If you want to register for an additional tumbling class, you may do so at either gym.  There are classes offered in the summer and fall.  Aces receive a $10 discount for additional tumbling classes.
  • There will be Open Gyms for conditioning, tumbling, and stretching/flyer offered in summer and fall.  We have not finalized the fall times yet, but for summer, these classes will be as follows.  (Cost is $7 per class.  You do not need to pre-register.)

Open Gym for Tumbling (with Shelly) : Mondays, 8-8:45 at Tumbleweeds

Conditioning (taught by Sam): Tuesdays, 7:45-8:30 at Arcadia

Flyer/Flexibility (taught by Tessa): Thursdays 4-4:45 at Tumbleweeds


Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 at Tumbleweeds

*There will be an additional optional Pee Wee tumbling class offered that you may register for with the $10 discount.  You can register with Lorri at Tumbleweeds.


Wednesdays from 5-6:30 at Tumbleweeds


Mondays 6-7 at Tumbleweeds

Thursdays  6:30-8 at Tumbleweeds


Mondays 5-6:15 at Tumbleweeds

Thursdays 4:45-6:45 at Tumbleweeds


Mondays 6:45-8 at Tumbleweeds

Thursdays 4:45-6:45 at Tumbleweeds


Wednesdays 4:45-6:45 at Arcadia (Subject to time change in fall)

Thursdays 7-8:30 at Tumbleweeds


In July: Wednesdays from 12:45-2:30 at Arcadia AND Fridays 10:30-12:15 at Arcadia

*Due to vacations, first days of school, etc., the first few weeks of August may be altered.

Beginning the week of August 24th, practices will be Thursday nights after 6, and Saturday mornings or Sunday late afternoon or evenings.  More information will be available after our first team meeting.

SENIOR LEVEL 5 (Fierce 5):

In July: Wednesdays from 11:15-1 AND Fridays 9-10:45 AM at Arcadia

*Due to vacations, first days of school, etc., the first few weeks of August may be altered.

Beginning the week of August 24th, practices will be Thursday nights after 6, and Saturday mornings or Sunday late afternoon or evenings.  More information will be available after our first team meeting.

Welcome back everyone.  Our one and only mandatory fundraiser is here again.  The $5 raffle tickets can be picked up at either gym. (Tumbleweeds does not have any yet but will later tonight. ) Everyone must sell 10 tickets the rest is profit into your ACB account.  The prize is for 2 steeler tickets 2 pirate tickets 2 penguin tickets and $300 cash.  (These will be regular season games)  The winning ticket is based off the PA lottery on July 31.   If the winning number is not sold then we will pull the winner from all the sold tickets.    Please have all your tickets and money turned in by july 10.

We will also have a Special Needs Team!

Special Needs “Hearts” NEW SEASON!
All ages and abilities are welcome!  We will work on cheerleading skills,  balance and physical fitness!  If you are interested, please e-mail Shelly at  We look forward to seeing you all then!  GO ACES!