WE are so proud of our Aces!!  Great first competition to start off the season!  It is important that we keep preparing for our next competition on January 11th!

  • Optional Open gym on Saturday, December 27th from 5:30-6:30 at Arcadia.  Cost is $10.
  • Practices for the next two weeks are as follows.

Sunday the 21st

Senior 4 – 3:30-6

Senior 5 – 5:45-8

Monday the 22nd

Regular practice times for Mini 1, Mini 2, and Junior 2

Junior 3 and Senior 5 – 7:30-9 at Tumbleweeds

Monday the 29th

Senior 4 – 12-3 at Tumbleweeds

Junior 3 – 3-5:15 at Tumbleweeds

Regular practice times for Mini 1, Mini 2, and Junior 2

Senior 5 – 7:30-9 at Tumbleweeds

UPDATE for 12/9/14

  • The competition this Sunday is at the Canton Civic Center.  It is sponsored by All Star Cheerleading INC.  They will have the final schedule posted by Thursday they said.  As of now, the preliminary schedule begins at 1:00, and awards are scheduled for 5:00.  (You are expected to stay for awards unless prior arrangements were made with Shelly or Tracy, or Kellie.)
  • Some of the spiritwear orders have arrived and have been distributed.  Uniform tops, bows, and warmups will be available Wednesday.  (There were a few sizes on back order.  If we do not have them Wednesday, we will have them Saturday.)  The black rhinestoned t-shirts and burnout hoodies will not be done for Saturday.  (The woman who makes them just informed me last night.  There apparently is a shortage on red stones, and she has not been able to get the ones she needs for her machine.)

We have some other t-shirts and other practice wear left over if anyone is interested.  The following is available.  (Please make sure you buy one for your child if he or she has lost the first one given.)

Tie Dye shirt – 2 AM, 1 YM, 1YL – $12

Red Shirts with rhinestones – 3 AM, 6 YM- $20

Black tanks with rhinestones – 3 YM, 1 YL-$18

Red shorts – 4 AS, 2 YM-$12

If you are interested in any of the above, please e-mail Shelly at ssyrko@yahoo.com.  First come, first serve!

  • ALL PRACTICES FOR SATURDAY HAVE BEEN MOVED TO TUMBLEWEEDS.  Parents are welcome to come to Saturday’s practice for the last half hour to watch the performance and participate in a brief parent meeting.  Remember to bring your uniform. (Make sure it is neatly in a bag with your name on it.)  Bring competition shoes, too.  Hair does not need to be competition ready.  No bows needed.

LET’S GO ACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ACES Update for week of November 23rd

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL OUR ACES AND THEIR FAMILIES!!!  We are thankful for each and every one of you!

  • Uniforms are in.  We are just waiting for tops to be rhinestoned.  The bows have been delayed because the woman who makes them had technical difficulties with her rhinestone machine.  She guaranteed us that they would be in for the first competition.
  • As soon as spiritwear is in, we will distribute it to you.
  • Please see the December schedule listed below.  Each team (levels 1-5) has added practices before the first competition.  Please note that attendance is CRUCIAL.  Our second competition is January 11th, which is NOT FAR AWAY!  That competition will be VERY big, and that is the first competition that is a qualifier for US Finals.
  • IMPORTANT!  Due to the fact that the January 11th competition will come quickly after the holidays, we will need to fit in practices over the two week holiday weeks.  PLEASE write all conflicts from now until January 11th on paper, and give it to a coach NO LATER THAN this Wednesday.  Thanks for your help with this!  If you do not write your conflicts, you will NOT be excused if there is a practice scheduled.
  • Practice outfit numbers (levels 1-5) are as follows.

1 – tie dye with red shorts

2 – black tank with black shorts

3- red shirt with zebra shorts

4-Cheerpalooza shirt with black shorts (levels 4 and 5)

  • PRACTICE SCHEDULE (Paper schedules will also be available.)

*PLEASE NOTE:  We added the first two Saturdays for both teams.  With the weather changing and illnesses, we feel we need to put them on the schedule just in case. (The 6th will be tentative for levels 1-3.)  Saturday the 13th is the day before competition.  Teams will practice first then perform in uniform with their sister teams.

*Dec. 1 – regular Monday schedule-Outfit #1

*Dec. 3 – regular Wednesday schedule-Outfit #1

*Dec. 4- regular Thursday schedule-Outfit #2

*Dec. 6 – Outfit #3

9:15-10:45 – J3 – Tumbleweeds

10:30-12:15 – J2 – Tumbleweeds

12-1:30 – Mini 2 – Tumbleweeds

1:15-2:30 – Mini 1-Tumbleweeds

2:15-4- Senior 5-Tumbleweeds (Later due to SAT’s)

3:45-5:45-Senior 4-Tumbleweeds (Later due to SAT’s)

*Dec. 7 – Outfit #4  (We have to go early this day because some girls on each team will be competing with their high schools at a competition later.  We don’t normally interfere with church time for practices, but if it is a problem due to mandatory Sunday school, please let Shelly know.)

10-11:45 – Senior 5 – Arcadia

11:30-1:30-Senior 4 – Arcadia

*Dec. 8 – regular Monday practice-Outfit #1

*Dec. 10 – regular Wednesday practice – Outfit #1

*Dec. 11 – regular Thursday practice – Outfit#2

*Dec. 13 – at Arcadia (Wear outfit #3, bring uniforms, hair does not need to be “competition ready”.)

9:15-11:15 – Senior 5 and Junior 3

11:45-1:15-Junior 2 and Mini 1

1:45-3:45-Senior 4 and Mini 2

*Dec. 14 – First Competition!

*Dec. 15 – regular Monday practice – Outfit #1

*Dec. 17 – regular Wednesday practice-Outfit #1

*Dec. 18 – regular Thursday practice- Outfit #2

Once we get conflicts, we will make the schedule for the last two weeks of December/early January.  (We hope to stick to regular Sunday and Monday, but we will have to let you know for sure.)  The actual holidays fall on both Wednesdays for J3, so please be sure to get those conflicts to us!  THANKS!

We have three design options this year in addition to a warm up suit.  We will be offering a design similar to the girls’ red practice shirt.  You can order the rhinestone and glitter shirt on red (just like the girls’ except this also has rhinestones around the letters on the front) or a black shirt with red and white screen print.  We also have some “blinged out rhinestone” options.  Our sponsored shirt this year is the black screen printed option.

*** The blinged long sleeve burnout hooded shirt and the noodie both run smaller (junior) sized.

*** Your first name will be used on the warm up jacket unless noted otherwise on your order form.


This is the only time we will be offering Aces apparel this season!  Please be sure to place your order now to be ready for the 2014-2015 season!

If you are ordering as a Christmas gift and want the items kept as a surprise – please note this on your order form.

Go Aces!!

Delivery for Candles is not set yet but I have a guarantee that they will be here by Dec. 19.  As soon as they give me an exact day and time i will post it..

ACES Update for week of 10-19-14

  • Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful fall!  Happy Halloween to all the Aces and their families!  There will be NO classes for Aces on the Thursday the 30th.
  • I am still very concerned about attendance.  I know that many viruses have been going around, but please make every effort to be at practices when possible.  The routines are coming along, but it is still too soon to tell which teams will be ready for the 22nd of November.
  • There are open gyms at Arcadia on Friday nights.  Call the gym to register. This would be a great way to brush up and improve skills!
  • Uniforms, shoes, and bows are starting to come in.  We will distribute them when they are all in.  Also, please look for the spiritwear post here on our site this week.  We will have size runs when they are available to the gyms.  (We are waiting for those from our vendors.)
  • Here are the weekend practices for November.

Saturday, November 1st -Tumbleweeds

Mini 2 – 10-11:30

Mini 1 – 11:30-1

Sunday, November 2nd

Junior 2 – 12:30-2:30

Junior 3 – 2:15-4:15

Senior 4 – 4-6:15

Senior 5 – 6-8

Sunday, November 9th

Senior 4 – 4-6

Senior 5 – 6-7:45

Saturday, November 15th

Senior 4 – 9-11

Senior 5 – 10:45-12:45

Mini 1 – 12:30-2

Mini 2 – 1:45-3:15

Junior 2 – 3-5

Sunday, November 16th

Junior 3 – 1-3

Senior 4 – 3-6

Senior 5 – 5:45-8

Sunday, November 23rd

Senior 4 – TBA

Senior 5 – TBA

Sunday, November 30th

Senior 4 – TBA

Senior 5 – TBA

****  Everyone is going to Kalahari.  ***

The following is for levels 2-5 (sent in the email with the schedule):

The following was stated in the Aces’ Handbook: Our schedule will have 6-7 local competitions (Local competitions are within 1.5 hour drive.), and one national competition within driving distance this year. Competitions run from November through March/April. If any of our teams qualify for U.S. Finals with a partially paid or full paid bid, we will consider taking those teams to the U.S. Finals. The competition would be within driving distance, and this would be in addition to our national competition.

U.S. Finals is an end of the year event aimed at giving teams a chance to see where they rank against other teams in their respective divisions from coast to coast. There are seven different U.S. Final events across the country. They do rank the teams at each event and award places. Then, after all events have taken place, they post overall rankings online.

We are trying to get a bid to Indianapolis because it is within driving distance. U.S. Finals is organized by Jamfest and other large independent companies. The competition is at the Convention Center in Indianapolis.

Upon further investigation of the U.S. Finals, I have learned that you can receive different levels of bids at qualifying events. Some events give out one free “paid bid”. You may also receive a bid if you place first, second or third. Then, your registration would depend on how you placed. ($59 for first, $79 for second, and $89 for third) If we receive an “open bid” (for any places 4th and up) , the cost is $119 per athlete. There is a $100 processing fee per team, so we would need to divide that among the members of the team in addition. Honestly, these prices are all reasonable for such a large, two day competition. (This does not include hotel. This is just the registration fee for each participant.)

In the handbook it also states that the only other additional fees would be your nationals’ registration and U.S. Finals (should your child’s team get a bid). At this time, the nationals’ registration fee for Kalahari registration is covered in your competition fee. (This does not include lodging should you decide to stay because it is only a one day event.)

Since we will not know for sure about the bids, we suggest that you reserve the hotel room in Indianapolis. You can cancel if your child’s team does not receive a bid. (Don’t forget to cancel!) We will look to see the group rates they offer through the event.

Due to this information, and the information about the bids, I want all level 2 through 5 teams to try to get that bid to U.S. Finals. If not, then the final competition for that team would be Kalahari! (Still a good way to end the season!)

Please note: Tuition payments will still need to be paid up until the event. You may use money in your ACB account to help with these costs.

Rooming Information – Kalahari

Call Reservations – 1877-525-2427  ask for MCD Open Nationals Block

- You do not need to stay at Kalahari in order to compete.  It is recommended because the competition is held right at the convention/hotel.  If you choose to stay at Kalahari we have a block of rooms most rooms are for 4 people  and include water park passes.  There are some rooms that can sleep more but there is an additional charge.  Please direct all of those questions directly to the Kalahari Resorts when you make your reservation.  To get the discounted room price you must book by Feb. 18,2015.   After that day or if the block is sold out before that Kalahari reserves the right not to offer any more rooms at the discounted rate.

Indianapolis – Info to come.

The U.S. Finals Indianapolis 2015

Booking Link: https://resweb.passkey.com/Resweb.do?mode=welcome_gi_new&groupID=36726229

Team Access Code: TUFAAS488

Deadline to Book: December 1ST, 2014

Details: Arcadia Aces have 70 double rooms blocked at the Embassy Suites Indianapolis Downtown Hotel.

We will also have a Special Needs Team!

Special Needs “Hearts” NEW SEASON!
All ages and abilities are welcome!  We will work on cheerleading skills,  balance and physical fitness!  If you are interested, please e-mail Shelly at ssyrko@yahoo.com.  We look forward to seeing you all then!  GO ACES!