ARCADIA ACES Evaluations for the 2014-2015 Season

Would you like to be part of the nationally ranked Arcadia Aces? We are very excited for our next season!  All of the information you need regarding competitive cheerleading evaluations is listed below!

Evaluations will be run differently this year.  Each child will have an initial 15-30 minute evaluation with the coaches.  After that, the child will be placed in a “practice session”.  We will have four weeks of practice sessions.  During these sessions, the participants will work on jumps, motions/dance, and stunts.  The practice sessions will allow all participants to receive instruction from the cheer coaches.  We will be observing improvement, versatility, and attitude. After the four weeks, we will have a final evaluation where we will pick teams that will be close to ready for choreography camp!

Evaluations are open to girls and boys ages 3-18.  The USASF (the governing body behind all star cheerleading) uses the age the child will be on August 31st, 2014 for eligibility.  (Please note:  Ages three through six need to read the Cheer Skills Class and Pee Wee sections below.)


During the week of April 28th to May 3rd, Parents may register their child at Arcadia or Tumbleweeds during the following times.

Monday:  Arcadia 4-8pm

Tuesday: Arcadia 4-8, Tumbleweeds 9:30am-12:30pm or 5-8pm

Wednesday: Arcadia 4-8, Tumbleweeds 9:30am-12:30pm or 5-8pm

Thursday: Arcadia 4-8, Tumbleweeds 9:30am-12:30pm or 5-8pm

Friday: Arcadia 4-7pm

Saturday: Tumbleweeds 9am-12pm

*The cost for the Evaluations/Practice Sessions/Placement Fee is $45 total for all six days and will be due when registering. Anyone that registers after Saturday, May 3rd will pay a late registration of $20 plus the $45 six day fee.

*If you have any unpaid balances, you cannot register until all balances are paid in full!

*All NEW Registrations must provide copy of Birth Certificate.

*At registration, parents will receive a folder with our handbook which outlines all costs for the 2014-15 Season.

*If you would like to just stop by to get a folder to review before you decide to register, that is fine.  They booklets will be available on Monday, April 28th.


Week of April 28th to May 3rd – Registration at Arcadia or Tumbleweeds

Monday, May 5th – Times for initial evaluations will be posted on our website.

May 8th, 9th, 10th – Initial Evaluations (If you have a commitment on one of those days, you will be able to write that on the sheet at registration and we will do our best to accommodate you.)

May 17/18, May 31/June 1, June 7/8, June 13/14 – Four weeks of practice sessions (You will only have one practice session per weekend. They will last one hour.  It will not be held against you if you cannot make all the practice sessions.  (You may be asked to attend more than one session at an increased price.)

Week of June 15th – Final Evaluations –Times for final evaluations will be posted on the website.  Teams will be listed on the site by the end of that week.


-Beginning the week of May 11th, there will be an additional tumbling session added.  The tumbling session will be 5 weeks long and is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended.  If you are presently in a class, you may remain in the same class as long as you pre-register in the office by Saturday, April 26th.  The cost of the 5 week tumbling will be $72 and must be paid for when registering to hold your spot.  If you are currently in the AETA, please register for one of the existing classes that fit your ability level.  AETA classes will end on Friday, May 9th.  Please call either gym or inquire at the desk to see which classes are available.

-Choreography camp will be in mid to late July/early August.  (Camp is Mandatory)

-There will be some optional cheer and flyer clinics before initial evaluations.  If you are interested, please contact either gym.

*Please wear any combination of red, black, and white.  We would like for you to wear shorts, t-shirts or tanks, tennis shoes, and your hair up and out of face to evaluations and practice sessions.

4. NEW THIS SEASON! CHEER SKILLS CLASSES! This is an alternative to our traditional cheer squads.

-After final evaluations, we will begin our Cheer Skills Classes.  This class will help to improve basic skills in tumbling, motions, stunts, and jumps.  The classes will be for girls and boys ages six through eighteen.  The classes will meet one day per week.  Participants in the skills classes will still purchase the camp wear, and participate in the parade and banquet.  They will attend one or two competitions as exhibition team where they will perform a short routine.

*The coaches have designed this class for those kids we feel need more basic instruction.  It is also designed to be less of a commitment.

***If you choose to go through the evaluation process, and at the end the coaches feel you still need to improve your basic skills before being placed on a team, we may ask you to be part of the Cheer Skills Class.

*PLEASE NOTE:  If you choose to just be part of the class, you do not need to go through the evaluation process nor pay the fee.

5. Pee Wee Team and Tiny Team

-There are options for three, four, and five year olds. (We use the age as of August 31st, 2014.  This is the rule of the USASF.)  They can be members of the Pee Wee team or Tiny team.  (In some instances, five year olds may be asked to be a member of a Mini team.)

-The Pee Wee team is for children ages three, four, and five.  The Pee Wee team meets one day per week.  The team will still purchase camp wear, and participate in the parade and banquet.  The Pee Wee team will attend three competitions as exhibition.

-The Tiny Team is a more competitive team that meets twice per week.  They attend most competitions. The Tiny Team is for ages four and five.  (Members can be turning six after August 31st. We will only have a Tiny Team if we feel we have enough skilled members.)

* If you choose to go through the evaluation process, and at the end of the process the coaches feel you need to improve basic skills before being placed on a team, we will ask you to be a member of the Pee Wee team.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to just be part of the Pee Wee Team, you do not need to go through the evaluation process nor pay the fee.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at evaluations!!!  We feel 2014-2015 will be our best ACES’ SEASON YET!  If you have any questions, please  e-mail Shelly at or Lorri at


It was five years ago that our numbers really started to grow!  We have a big list of 5 year recipients this year!  We want to be sure we aren’t missing anyone.  Review the list below and contact us right away if you are missing from the list.  Your first year would have been the 2009-2010 season!  Thanks!

Congratulations to the following on your 5 years of dedication and hard work!

Nina Hudak

Megan Hixenbaugh

Brittany Wilfong

Kaylei Applegarth

Taylor Christ

Melaina Kirshner

Hanna Damp

Becca Lasko

Reagan Lindsay

Talia Gallagher

Addyson Klean

Madison Morello

Madison Cossin

Kaitlyn Teams

Kayli Newman

Mikelle Miles

Again – if you started in 2009 and this is your 5th year, but you are missing from the list – call Shelly right away!  Thanks!

Cheer and Flyer Clinics – April 19, April 26 and May 3

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