Congratulations to our Aces, again!!  Senior 5, Junior 3 and Junior 2 all won 1st place at US Finals 2015 and winning “the white jacket.”  We are so proud of Senior 4 and Mini 2 for their awesome performances that day, as well, and for coming in 4th place!  Click on the post to pictures of our US Finals Champions!

Would you like to be a part of the nationally ranked Arcadia Aces?  We are very excited for our upcoming season!  All of the information you need regarding the competitive cheerleading evaluations is listed below!

A complete registration packet will be given out at Registration.  This packet will include all of the prices for tuition, competitions, other fee’s, etc.

Registration for Cheerleading (Pee Wee through Level 5) (ages 3 & above)

Registration for Hip Hop (ages 6 to 12)

April 29th & 30th (both locations) – 5pm to 7pm

May 1st – Arcadia Main – 5pm to 7pm

May 2nd – Tumbleweeds – 9am to 1:30pm

Registration Fee: $35

Cheerleading Placement Fee: $45 (Level 1 through 5)

(If registration is after May 2nd , there will be a $20 late fee added to the placement fee)

Pee Wee & Hip Hop do not have a placement fee

Half year team – (Registration will be in August)

Sunday, May 3rd – Arcadia Main

(Age as of August 31, 2015)

Ages 5 to 8 – 3:45 to 5pm

(If you have a back handspring without a spot, please go to the 9 to 11 age group)

Ages 9 to 11 – 5 to 6:15pm

Ages 12 and up – 6:15 to 7:45pm

*Please note:  You may be asked to stay for an additional session.

Saturday, May 16th – Arcadia Main

New Aces ONLY!  9:30-10:45am

Open Gym for new and past Aces -  11am to 12:30pm – $10 per student

Tuesday, May 19th and Wednesday May 20th – Placements at Tumbleweeds

* We will post your report time on the website.  You will only come one of the two days. If you have conflicts during either of those two days, please put it in writing and give it to the coaches at the first practice.

Teams will be posted by the 22nd.  Practices will begin week of May 31st for Cheerleading Levels 1 to 5.  There will be a skills camp the week of June 21st.  Choreography camp is during the last two weeks of July.

Pee Wee’s will begin the first week of July – We will let you know what day they will practice by June 1st.

Hip Hop will begin the first week of July – We will let you know what day they will practice by June 1st.  Hip Hop camp will be in August.

Half Year Teams will begin the first week of October.  We will have a registration day for them in August and will let you know at that time what their practice days will be.

Congratulations again, Aces!!  The U.S. Final rankings were just published for the month of March, and two more of our teams were ranked nationally! Senior 4 ranked 11th, and Senior 5 ranked 19th! Junior 3 was ranked 13. Way to go Aces!  Such a huge accomplishment!


Mini 1 – National Champions

Mini 2 – National Champions

Junior 2 – National Champions

Junior 3 – National Champions

Senior 4 – National Champions

Senior 5 – National Champions

Special Recognition goes out to Junior 2 – Rock Stars for being DIVISION II GRAND CHAMPS !

We are so proud of all our teams you all performed so well!  U.S. Finals, look out! You can’t beat an Ace!!